My Story, My LifeLens

It was the middle of summer 2012, still 4 months left before the end of the year, when I told two great friends during dinner “2012 is the best year of my life”. I left them both speechless and I believe for 2 reasons: for one, the year hadn’t ended yet with at least one-third to go and two, they were ecstatic for me.

They both knew that I couldn’t have said the same thing 6 months prior. That’s because 2011 was the exact opposite. During that year, I experienced the loss of my uncle (he was the third to pass away within a span of 1 year — all were in their early to mid 50s). Around that same time I also went through a very difficult break-up with my girlfriend of almost 3 years. It took me several weeks before I was able to start picking up the broken pieces but the pain and guilt ran deep. I was extremely fortunate to have a friend who’s a therapist because she convinced me to attend therapy. It was something I had not even thought about doing before, but after several conversations with her, I knew I needed help.

About half way through the first session, I suddenly realized something. I had realized that my uncle’s passing and my break-up may have led me to therapy, but I was uncovering a whole lot of other reasons for being there (i.e. to heal old wounds, dating back to childhood). After 3 months of therapy I was well on my way towards healing, developing greater awareness and a higher level of consciousness. I know this process will continue outside of therapy, but it had begun.

For many people, the field of psychotherapy remains a taboo, but I was finally able to experience all of the benefits firsthand and I couldn’t be more grateful. You see, to the outside world I was often seen as well put-together, stable, and calm. In reality, I was often hurting inside and sometimes that pain was projected onto others, often those who are closest to me. I have had several relationships during my life, whether they could have worked out if I wasn’t so wounded I would never know (those thoughts are left in the past), but I believe they would have been a lot better.

Something remarkable happened several months after completing my therapy; I experienced an epiphany about my long-term career. Unlike all the other times while thinking about careers, this time it wasn’t planned or necessitated, it came naturally. I wasn’t pulled into the direction of natural skill-fit or interest; I discovered a burning desire within me to help others. I don’t mean help in the general sense, but to help others discover purpose and a plan to fulfill that purpose. This desire was born from a deep belief that everyone has unique talents and purpose that can greatly contribute to society. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that purpose or have the confidence to show his or her talents to the world. I want to help with that!

I understand that burning desire alone isn’t enough, so I am now embarking on a journey to learn more about human behaviour, psychology, and physiology in order to be the best life-coach I can possibly be. Fortunately, with the introduction of social media, we have an opportunity to connect with people more frequently and reach a wider audience. I invite you to join me on this journey and see things through my lifelens as I learn, grow, and connect with others!



3 thoughts on “My Story, My LifeLens

  1. Loc, I am so proud of you and looking forward to being on this journey with you! Looking forward to more dinner conversations where you challenge me to look at parts of me that I am usually hesitant to confront!

  2. Hi Loc, I know it has been so long! But this is fantastic. I am so sorry for your losses and heartaches from the past, but I am so happy you are where you are today; with a positive lens on life and helping others. Believe it or not, all the times we spent together in the past and knowing what I knew about you back then, you were such a caring, insightful, thoughtful and philosophical gentleman and so this is a PERFECT journey for you and career! You will be great at it 🙂

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